For almost a decade, I have had the privilege and the pleasure to create events where beauty, refinement, professionalism and most of all enjoyment, are part of the show. Paying utmost attention to my clients’ wants and needs, I tailor concepts that meet emotion, novelty and distinction. I firmly believe that art and passion are key to a successful experience.

I truly wish to continue this tradition of excellence by pushing creative limits even farther. How about an out-of-the-ordinary theme with an amazingly elegant and memorable presentation? Let me guide you through endless possibilities and dreams!

Sabrina Ferland, President

Bellita’S Mission

Transporting people beyond routine, helping them experience exceptional moments and creating imperishable memories.

With our wide range of meticulously organized concepts, we always make sure to create an unforgettable experience for your crowd, from small-scale intimate concerts to custom made multidisciplinary spectacles with a master of ceremonies.

Our adaptability to circumstances is what allowed us to gain much experience with private groups as well as corporate groups. Paying attention to clients’ requirements is a priority, as every event is unique and must reflect your wishes and objectives! Bellita is with you every step of the way; from our first contact, until the day of the event.

Giving life to your vision is what we call our mission!


Collaborate with our creative team in order to design your own theme!


Bellita Spectacles sur mesure
Bellita – Custom made shows

1030 Alma-Aubin
Québec (Québec)  G1X 4V4
Office: 418 529.6458
Mobile Phone: 418 933.7229
Fax: 418 204.4212


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